Our Organic Baby Clothes Guide

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What are Organic Baby Clothes?
Organic Baby Clothes are any baby design made from Organic materials, being organic cotton the most common. The traditional cotton plantations are well known for using an extremely high quantity of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides to protect their cotton against plagues and the Tbborganics want their organic baby clothes to be free of those chemicals. Even though, the cotton plantations occupy only a very small percentage of the agriculture space in the world, around 3%, the traditional plantations are responsible for a large number of synthetic chemicals, being around 15%, much more than any other single crop. In Organic Cotton plantations, used for the production of organic baby clothes, the synthetic chemicals are not used and often a more biological approach is taken to promote biodiversity and protect the air and water surfaces. Organic cotton producers should elaborate on a plan on how they would proceed on their production and present that to an official certifying agency. The well known Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading textile processing standard for organic fibers worldwide, including both social and ecological criteria. Bio Cotton has been growing in popularity over the years and many brands, including Tbb organics for organic baby clothes, decided to switch towards a more sustainable approach in their cotton designs. All of the organic baby clothing from Tbb Organics is GOTS certified.

Who loves it?
The sustainable fashion has been gaining space amongst designers but also celebrities. Actresses and singers are thankfully advocating for more sustainable clothing brands and supporting the efforts of smaller brands for an Eco- friendly fashion approach. Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus are pioneers in fashion sustainability awareness. Even though the designs worn by them in the Red Carpet are too expensive and even out of reach to many of us, they, undoubtedly, increase awareness around the globe. Even high street fashion designers are increasing their organic and sustainable production and their prices can be accessible to a large portion of the population. Recycling and not following the fast fashion path are two incredible ways of being Eco- friendly. Investing in much smaller quantities of high quality and long-lasting pieces is the best way of being sustainable and incredibly stylish.

Why buy organic baby clothes?

When you buy your baby clothes made from BIO cotton, you assure the best touch on your baby's skin. Organic baby clothes tend to avoid allergies, are free of synthetic chemicals, are Eco- friendly, many times handmade and sustainable. When you buy them, you are not only getting the best clothing for your baby but also supporting a more sustainable fashion.

Where to buy organic baby clothes?

We know that if you are a mom-to-be or already a mom, being busy is an understatement. We offer the possibility of making your purchases online. In our shops, you can find the softest newborn organic clothing and accessories for your little one.

How to care for your organic baby clothes: Because our organic baby clothes are Eco- printed, they need special care. To keep colors vibrant and fabric looking good for longer, follow these steps:
- only wash it in cold water
- preferably at 0 degrees Celsius wash it with similar colors on the reverse side -- machine washable in gentle cycle
- use a sulfate-free detergent

A little more about us: The Blackboard Bunny offers sustainable baby designs for small babies around the world. We believe that Organic Baby Clothes can be both, sustainable and stylish! We love our vibrant and unique prints. All of our clothes are handmade, we know exactly where, how, when and who made your clothes. We only start our production after a purchase is made to avoid waste and have a much more Eco- friendly production method. The average satisfaction rate review for our clothing is 5 out of 5 stars. We are very happy with where our small business is and looking forward to seeing its growth. For this year we intend to have a new photoshoot- a showcase of our designs on our website and Etsy shop. You will see our organic baby clothes in an even more beautiful and attractive way. We use Organic Cotton Knit fabrics from Spoonflower to create most of our pieces. After having an order, the fabric is cut into shape and size desired, sewn, finished, packed and sent to its destination. We have clients from all around the globe, however, our orders come mostly from the USA and Europe. Spoonflower offers the most beautiful, vibrant and creative digital prints available on the market. With them, it is possible to create an infinite number of designs. I want my organic baby clothes to be eye-catching and, at the same time, sustainable. That is only possible by using fabrics from them. We focus mostly on sustainability, quality, and being unique. We also love to spend the time looking for prints that will give life and character to our organic baby clothes. We have a true love for nature so that is what we look for on our fabric prints. Feel free to have a look around our shop!