Organic Baby Clothes for Newborn Babies

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Many of you may ask yourselves if organic baby clothes for newborn babies is really necessary or if it is just one more fashion trend.#simplyadorable


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It is well known that newborn babies have a more delicate and thin skin than adults. The little ones can absorb, through their skin, much more easily any chemicals left on the fabrics used to produce Baby Clothes for newborn babies.

Some of these chemicals are well known for making your sweet and fragile baby more sleepy or even causing skin irritation. There are numerous negative effects on our health that can be associated with chemical pesticides including dermatological, carcinogenic, respiratory, gastrointestinal, reproductive, neurological, and endocrine effects. Non-organic cotton plantations are not only villains to the environment but also to our health.

Organic cotton baby clothes

Contamination of the soil and waters from pesticides are some of the effects brought by the cotton agribusiness. It uses alone more than 10% of all pesticides used in agriculture in general. This has, without a doubt, a huge impact on our Earth. However, for the sake of our children, the organic cotton plantations have been growing in the last decade and producers have been receiving more support to produce a cleaner and more ethical cotton that can be used for organic baby clothes for newborn babies.

There are also other factors to watch out for when buying organic baby clothes for newborn babies. In many cases, the dyeing methods can cause a big environmental impact as well. They might consume an enormous amount of water to produce just a few yards of fabric. Depending on where the process takes place, it can end up contaminating the water of rivers and not being as ecological as advertised.

TheBlackboardBunny boutique is specialized in organic baby clothes for newborn babies and all of our stylish fabrics with creative and unique designs are produced using an Eco- friendly dyeing method. When compared to traditional methods our fabrics save an incredible amount of water. For instance, to produce five yards of fabric, a traditional dying method can use up to two hundred liters of water. Our method uses less than a thimble to produce the same amount.


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Our fabrics for organic baby clothes for newborn babies use non-toxic and water-based dyes. That makes all the difference on your baby s skin. It is much less likely for him to have any allergic reactions when wearing our baby clothing.

We have a wide selection of designs all for an adorable and eco- friendly baby outfit! Our baby clothes are inspired by nature, animals, and flowers. Many of them also follow the latest Bohemian baby clothing fashion trends. Your little one could not be more stylish when wearing our Organic Baby Clothes for newborn babies. Our designs are a cleaner and more ecological choice for your baby's clothing. He will feel comfier and you can rest assured that you are making the best choice to conserve the world your child will inherit.

Our organic baby clothes for newborn babies are made for modern and stylish little ones who will change the world!

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