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kites baby romper

This baby romper has a fantastic and dreamy kite print that brings up all the good vibes related to childhood. After all, who never enjoyed playing with them on a nice and windy day?

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The fabrics we use for our organic baby clothes could not be softer and more natural! Made from organic cotton fibers, this baby romper is ultra kind to your baby's delicate skin and our planet.

But that isn't all! For all of our organic baby clothes, the printing process used to produce our adorable patterns is 100% Eco- friendly. It utilizes very little water when compared to traditional methods and non- toxic and water-based inks and dyes. A traditional dyeing method would use around two hundred liters of water to produce five yards of fabric. Our process uses less than a thimble of water for the same amount of fabric!

I believe that this adorable baby romper can make any baby girl or boy very fashionable! Part of our gender neutral organic baby clothes collection, it has a main off white color contrasting beautifully with black watercolor style Kites print. A mustard-colored bow on every Kite adds a little color and personality to a mainly monochromatic pattern. The leg cuffs and interlining are made from soft jersey fabric in a matching color.

The gender-neutral organic baby clothes are fantastic for a baby gift if you want to stay out of the "pink x blue" clichê colors. They are extremely stylish and have been gaining space in baby fashion over the last years. If you need a trendy baby shower gift that could be worn by either a girl or a boy, this baby romper is just the ideal present.

Designed for modern babies, this baby romper can be used in every season of the year. Your baby can easily wear it on its own during the warmer days or pair it with a short or long arms t-shirt or body depending on the weather. A matching cardigan or a small jacket could also add much style for a winter baby outfit.

As you might already know, our organic baby clothes are carefully designed and locally handmade in our small Berlin-based atelier. We are a local family business and like to offer the best of our creations to our online customers. We chose this baby romper to be the main representant of our gender neutral baby clothing.

We hope that you love it as much as we do and that your baby will have many fantastic memories wearing our romper. We always work with much love for your full satisfaction. Please, feel free to contact me at any time in case you have doubts or want to talk about any of my designs. You can always email me at

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Gender Neutral Baby Romper Organic Baby Clothes

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