5 Reasons Why Organic Clothing for Babies is Best

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Why Organic Clothing for Babies is Best:

For the last decade, we have seen an amazing increase in the offer for organic baby clothing for babies and, it looks like this fantastic and sustainable fashion trend came to stay!

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Our planet needs healthy alternatives to deal with the enormous impact we have been causing it. Our children are without a doubt the people we love the most and we need to make sure that we take good care of the home they will inherit from us.

We believe that denying an existing problem is certainly not the best way to deal with it. That is why TheBlackboardBunny, a small and family local business, decided to invest and increase the production of sustainable and eco- friendly organic clothing for babies.

1: For your baby's sake:

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Organic clothing for babies is the best option for dressing up your little one, especially during the first months of your baby's life.

Small babies have extremely sensitive skin and they are more likely to react to chemical components that can be found on clothing fibers. Especially when they are made of synthetic materials.

For a long time, we believed that cotton fibers were extremely good for baby clothes, after all, it is a natural fiber, right? Well, not exactly.

Even though cotton is not a synthetical, man-made material, it is produced in large scale, in big cotton plantations. Many of the agriculture businesses use incredible amounts of pesticides to protect their fields against pests. Some of them, if there isn't a strict policy or inspection, might even use prohibited substances or quantities of pesticides.

All of that big amount of unhealthy substances might end up just on the cotton baby clothes you are getting for your baby. And that is the last thing you want.

If your baby is a preemie, he or she will need even more care and attention. The organic baby clothing for babies will make sure to keep your little one safe and sound against unwanted substances on their clothing and bodies.

2- For our planet's sake:

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Did you know that even though the cotton plantations use only a very small percentage of all cultivated land on our planet, they are responsible for the usage of more than 15% of the insecticides available and used worldwide?

That is a whole lot of chemicals for our planet to deal with. Some of it will contaminate the soil, some will contaminate waters creating brand new problems and some of it could end up right in your baby's cupboard!

Sustainable producers have been using a more biological approach to deal with natural pests in order to reduce the impact of big plantations.

It is important to mention that the true organic cotton fabrics have been certified by either the GOTS( Global Organic Textile Standards) or OCS( Organic Content Standard). These certificates guarantee that the cotton was thoroughly checked right from its source to the final product.

The Blackboard Bunny only offers organic baby clothes for babies that were handcrafted with certified fabrics. We also only make the designs after purchase to avoid waste.

Our fabrics are also produced and printed with an Eco- friendly method. it saves hundreds of littler os water when compared to regular dyeing technics.

3- For a change of mind:

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As mentioned before, organic clothing for babies are becoming more popular but many people still don't know the benefits they offer to the babies when compared to regular cotton baby clothes.

Many still believe that regular cotton fabrics are still the best for newborn babies and never heard about organic baby clothes before. To change that we must do everything to let them know that it is possible to have a cleaner and sustainable baby's wardrobe.

As part of a community, everyone can help to inform and inspire each other to follow a much greener path.

Whenever someone on Instagram comments on how adorable your baby looks on that organic outfit, you can straight away help to spread the word about the benefits of having organic clothing for babies! It is simple, fast and effective!

A significant change in the way we deal with agriculture and its products must happen so that we have substantial benefits in return.

4- New bright and fun designs:

Organic baby clothes in candy colors

There was a time when organic clothing for babies meant to have a boring and beige outfits collection. Nowadays, there are many sustainable companies producing organic cotton with a wide range of colorful and fun prints for the little ones.

This is only possible because they use a different technology( Eco- friendly printing on fabrics) to make their designs. The technique saves hundreds of liters of water when compared to traditional dyeing methods.

The results are organic cotton fabrics that are rich in color and have the most beautiful prints!

We choose to have Eco- printed fabrics for our designs because we believe that your baby deserves the best touch from clean and sustainable fibers but also, all the fun and visual stimulus that shapes and creative designs can cause in small children.

To keep your fabrics looking amazing for a long time you have to follow the washing instructions, which are: wash in cold water, a delicate mode in the washing machine and sulfate- free detergent.

5- To set an example:

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Remember that for your child, your attitude matters much more than everyone else's. The obvious way to set a good example to your baby is ''going first''. If you dress up your little one with organic baby clothing for babies and later on explain the reason for that, it is very likely that your child will have a high appreciation for nature and concerns regarding the environment.

For all that it was said above and everything else we know about the importance of preserving our planet, it is crucial that we take the lead in showing our children the possibility of a brighter and greener future. A simple gesture like buying organic baby clothing for babies can go a very long way and before you know it, your child will be talking to you about his/her ideas for preserving our wonderful planet.

We hope that in our shop you can find the perfect organic baby clothes designs for your little one to be the most stylish baby in town. For all the #InstaMamas out there, please remember to tag us whenever you post anything related to organic baby clothing or our outfits! Our baby designs are specially made with much love and care for the little ones who will change the world!

If you have any doubt regarding our process, fabrics, shipping, etc, please contact us and we will answer asap.

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