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Made With Love

 Tbb Organics ( The Blackboard Bunny) was founded in Berlin - Germany in order to provide a wider range of organic baby clothing that are not only sustainable, but also fun and stylish. As a small family business, we in Tbb Organics, know exactly the whole production process and methods for our newborn organic clothing
All of our organic baby clothes designs are Eco- friendly and ultra- stylish. Most of our inspiration for our organic cotton baby clothes comes from nature, specially animals and flowers. We want to bring their beauty to your organic baby outfits!
We also provide a wide range of baby accessories such as blankets, swaddles and toys, however they are provided by other vendors. 

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Sustainability is the heart of our designs

Our fabrics are produced with an Eco- friendly print process that uses water-based pigment inks and dyes, with very little waste. Our supplier avoids fabrics with any flame-retardant applications, and their fabrics pass tests ruling out harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and lead. Ideal for our newborn organic clothing!

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Fresh & Organic

With vibrant colors and creative designs, our Eco- friendly organic baby clothes are made from printed fabrics that will make the most beautiful newborn organic clothing outfits for your little one.


Water Conservation

The pigment printing process for our organic baby clothing designs consumes very little water. The pigment inks meet the Oeko-Tex 100 requirements to be free of restricted chemicals and are mixed from 4-8 basic colors as our fabric is printed. Unlike screen printing, there’s no mixing of colors in advance. Conventional processes can use up to 100 bottles of a 2 L water bottle to produce 5 yards of fabric. Our fabrics's process uses less than a thimble to produce the same amount of fabric.

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For a Soft Touch

Our newborn organic clothing is ideal for the baby's delicate skin. A sustainable and comfy option for stylish organic baby clothes outfits!

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